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Nationally recognized as a leader in Title IX and Sexual Abuse investigations.

Resolving conflict on high-stakes matters.

Knowing the facts early on will give you the advantage. 

We help clients navigate the unknown and unfamiliar world of law enforcement, crime & criminal justice.

​Our knowledge

Of the inner workings of government, a world foreign to most, allows us to provide advice that calms nerves, speeds up the process, and better guarantees a just result.


Our investigative talent, experience and analytic skills can help develop innovative strategies to assist you and your legal team in gathering intelligence and, most importantly, identify sources and responsibility for allegations of wrongdoing made against you.

Casale Associates specialize in preparing clients in association with your legal team to meet the challenges when presenting or interacting with law enforcement. 

Our experience and unique perspective combine to help you and your attorneys make the most informed decisions.

Solving problems. 

Founded in 2003 our involvement in many high-profile cases, as noted in articles that appeared in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, demonstrates our commitment to excellence, which in turn  gives you an advantage.


Our involvement

Providing investigative resources, surveillance & litigation support for attorneys and law firms in anticipation of litigation, during trial, depositions, or other legal proceedings.  Casale Associates'  detectives can assist you and your your legal team with a wealth of practical knowledge, applied experience and technical analysis.  

Attorney Investigators

Our attorney investigators can prepare comprehensive investigative & evidentiary reports, background checks and asset searches with a keen-eye geared towards admissibility. 



Title IX Defense Investigations 

Sexual Abuse Defense Investigations

Matrimonial & Family Law Defense Investigations

Courts have come a long way in changing the way domestic violence cases are handled.

Legislative activity and changes in court administration have been effective in addressing some of the obstacles faced by litigants as they navigate the court system.


Domestic violence almost always impacts child custody.


If a spouse is abusive to a child or to another person in front of the child, that spouse is less likely to gain custody of the children.


It can dramatically hurt the abusive spouse’s custody chances even if the domestic violence occurs away from or without the children’s knowledge.


If your spouse has been abusive, gathering evidence of his or her behavior can help sway the court in your favor when it determines custody.

More importantly, If your spouse accuses you of abusive or violent behavior  you need to gather evidence in the instant matter and demonstrate your innocence to police officers, the district attorney and the the court.


Judges can order that a professional supervise all visitation periods and prohibit overnight visitation.


The judge can also help protect the abused parent by ordering that all exchanges of children take place in a public place, like a police station. 


A court may also terminate the abuser’s visitation altogether and award full custody to the other parent.

  • Comedian Jackie Mason Assaulted By Girlfriend.​

  • George Soros' ex girlfriend, Adriana Ferreyr, lost her temper at her former flame.​

  • Stephanie Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant divorce turned into a tabloid show.​

  • High-powered Manhattan Lawyer Cleared of Wife-beating Charges.

  • U.S. District Court for New Jersey approved Casale Associates to be defense investigators in a death penalty case.

It's all about finding mistakes and holes in the prosecution's case and uncovering evidence and witnesses which will refute their claims.

This is established by experience, knowledge and the quality of being  tenacious:. ​

  • Capital Murder Defense Investigations

  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) Defense Investigations


  • Major Crime Defense Investigations


  • Sexual Assault Defense Investigations

  • Director & Officers Defense Investigations

Many are quick to condemn law enforcement agents, police & correction officers and forget they, too, are entitled to be presumed innocent and do not have to make a statement as to their actions.


Most importantly, they have the same equal rights under the United State Constitution.

Cops aren't the scapegoats for problems Americans refuse to come to grips with like, violence, racism, drugs and corruption. We ask a lot of these young men and women recruited from our communities to boldly serve us and put their lives in harm's way.


No one should die in custody, and law enforcement should be held to a higher standard because so much more is expected of them.


Nonetheless, police actions must be viewed in an affirmative light --- dramatically different from a citizen getting involved --- especially, when using deadly physical force. 


Casale Associates provides investigative, consulting and expert witness services to the law enforcement community in criminal and civil rights defense cases, as well as, administrative hearings.  

We are proud to support police officers, troopers, agents and correction officers.



(Criminal, Civil & Corporate)

Larceny, Fraud, Trust & Estate


Internal Investigations 

Consulting on or investigating corporate crimes.


Allegations of Sexual Abuse against a Corporate Officer.


Defending a False Claims action against the company by a whistleblower, competitor or disgruntled employee .

Missing Person


Extortion & Blackmail 

The motive is always money. 

Often heirs file probate documents to conduct discovery and some file probate lawsuits to try to find the answers to these questions. Some family members or beneficiaries who believe that they have been wronged make allegations of fraud.  For those that believe a person exerted undue influence, a lawsuit is typically brought against that person who is allegedly guilty. For those that wonder where all the money could have gone, they hire a private detectives and forensic accountants to conduct financial discovery and learn where the  assets disappeared to. 


To prevail at trial the plaintiff  must prove the particular acts of fraud with documents, testimony and other evidence from which a probate court judge can see who committed the fraud and how they were cheated. 

The heir or beneficiary who files the fraud lawsuit, or who contests a will, or objects to a will based upon fraud, needs to have a reasonable basis for bringing the probate lawsuit.  Undue influence is a species of fraud and must be proven by demonstrating acts of duress, force, or over-persuasion. Fraud must be alleged or pled in a lawsuit for wills or estates with what is referred to as “particularity”….which means specificity.  

​Casale Associates was retained in the largest estate case every brought in the United States alleging over $800 million dollar was intentionally misdirected.  


We provide liaison with law enforcement and interact with key decision makers getting you results.


Our past accomplishments, integrity and professionalism have earned us respect within the law enforcement community.  


We achieve remarkable success by listening then raising powerful arguments.  


We can also develop and package a complaint that will be accepted and thoroughly investigated by law enforcement.  


Litigation Support

(Attorneys & Law Firms)

Critical Incident Response in anticipation of litigation.

Extraordinary Service of Legal Documents & Orders


Expert Reports & Witness

Bail Monitor, Bail Enforcement & Security

Critical Incident Response When a crisis happens you can count on Casale Associates for immediate response.  Not in managing the event but reporting unfiltered, accurate and timely information to you and / or your legal team.


Casale Associates response model is to gather information, collect evidence, take statements and liaison with authorities in anticipation of litigation.

If you anticipate litigation get the facts straight as soon as possible: because when the matter goes to court the facts always change away from the defendant' side and towards the plaintiff.​

Casale Associates also provides you with a detailed and independent 'after action report' summarizing the incident and your staff's involvement.

Extraordinary Service of William Browder.  Posted by Baker Hostetler, LLP

International hedge fund manager Bill Browder was served a subpoena from defense lawyers seeking to depose him in a lawsuit filed by U.S. prosecutors alleging money laundering in Russian. 

Surveillance Casale Associates provides professional and lawful surveillance --- discreetly gathering intelligence and evidence to support your legal team's goals.


Our specialist adapt to any environment using state-of-the-art electronic equipment and old fashion gum-shoe know how.


We provide fix and mobile surveillance --- following subjects on foot, in a vehicle, or on public transportation.  


Photographing or interacting with a subject is vital  for you to know what is going on --- we give you the advantage. 

Always without arousing suspicion, we blend in, and gain the trust of the target.

A challenge in your family life will require an independent, objective and timely response.


Especially, if involved in a matrimonial action, it is important for you to know who is coming into the picture and interacting with those you love.

Your children may be placed in a new environment with strangers that you know nothing about.  A spouse's new significant other, relative, or friend can pose a threat to a child's wellbeing.

Knowing and watching what is going on is important for your child's sake and your own peace of mind.


Health Care & Physicians

Defense Investigation

We have always enjoyed a special relationship with medical doctors and continue to provide physicians with defense investigative service.  


Healthcare Professionals are subject to increasing scrutiny from external auditors and, more than ever, dependent on non-medical staff to process reports, billing codes and payment forms - leaving them potentially exposed to allegations of fraud and regulatory compliance shortcomings.


Real Estate Management 

& Landlord Defense Investigations

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