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Casale Associates appointed by U.S. District Court as Bernard Madoff's Bail Monitor.

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Critical Incident Response

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Expert Reports

Title IX and Sexual Abuse Defense Investigations

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Nationally recognized as a leader in Title IX cases.

  • "Greek Life", Social Fraternities, Sororities and single-sex groups  exempt from Title IX in section (A)(6)(a). 


  • University & Campus Domestic Violence  or Abuse Investigations.


  • Faculty, Administrators & Staff, or student-‐on-‐faculty complaints of sex or gender discrimination,


  • Institutional & Clergy Sexual Abuse Plaintiff Investigations.  


  • Solving crimes especially when the campus police do not show an interest in opening an investigation.


Sexual Abuse Defense Investigations



Owner of NY's Famous Four Seasons Restaurant Charge for Sexual Assault.​

Kevin Clash, voice of Sesame Street's Elmo, Accused of having Sex with Underaged Men.  ​

Casale Associates Proves NBC Producer Posted Secret Sex Tape.​​

Private Investigator tells D.A. "Covert Tapes Prove Rape Victim Set-Up Businessman for Payoff".​

Dominatrix Extorts Businessman Claiming Wild Night Of Sex.​

FBI Agents Charge Interstate Transportation of Minors In Sex-trafficking Ring.

Domestic Violence Defense Investigations


Comedian Jackie Mason Assaulted By Girlfriend.​

George Soros' ex girlfriend, Adriana Ferreyr, lost her temper at her former flame.​

Stephanie Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant divorce turned into a tabloid show.​

High-powered Manhattan Lawyer Cleared of Wife-beating Charges. ​

Title IX and Sexual Abuse Investigations.

Our attorney partners and longstanding clients often call our firm at the first hint of crisis.

Considered by many to be the go to detective agency to gather evidence and conduct interviews.

Title IX Defense Investigations

Cornell University Fraternity President Charge With Rape.​

Major Catholic university student given run-around after making a sexual abuse complaint.​

Graduate student investigated for sexual misconduct while studying abroad.

Manhattan Prosecutor declines charging high school senior with Rape.

Professor accused of calling student, "Dumb Blonde."

District Attorney drops Rape charges against New Jersey college student.





We have always enjoyed a special relationship with medical doctors and continue to provide physicians with defense investigative service.  


Healthcare Professionals are subject to increasing scrutiny from external auditors and, more than ever, dependent on non-medical staff to process reports, billing codes and payment forms - leaving them potentially exposed to allegations of fraud and regulatory compliance shortcomings.

Often Hospitals, Article 28 Surgery Centers, Article 10 Reproductive Endocrinology, Medical Laboratories, Specialty Pharmacies and the emerging Cannabis Industry of legal cultivators and producers chose Casale Associates to get answers.  

Lenox Hill Hospital will shell out $12.3M for submitting fraudulent claims to Medicare

Nurse Awarded $15 Million in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Double-Booked Surgery Settlements

Joan Rivers' Fatal Surgery: What Went Wrong

Pharmacist Charged With Taking Cash To Fill Prescriptions

Leering, dirty doctor  harassed nurses, patients, sales reps

Landlords & Condo Boards


We also enjoy a special relationship with many of the City's leading real estate management firms, brokers, developers, building owners, condo boards and law firms that specialize in landlord, construction and site development issues.  

Fire breaks out at Robert De Niro’s apartment

Downtown nightclub moves into residential apartment.

Rent controlled apartment leased to out-of-town music guru.


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