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United States v Bernard Madoff

Casale Associates' investigative talent, experience and analytic skills can help develop innovative strategies to assist you and your legal team in gathering intelligence, evidence, statements and, most importantly, identify sources and responsibility for allegations of wrongdoing made against you.

Casale Associates provides clients with investigative expertise to solve problems and crimes through strong detective work and critical analysis.

Our extensive experience managing complex and confidential investigations in a lawful and ethical manner ensures your success.​

Our ability to help clients navigate the legal process can prove invaluable.


Our knowledge of the inner workings of government, a world foreign to most, allows us to provide advice that calms nerves, speeds up the process, and better guarantees a just result.

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United States v Bernard Madoff
California v Phil Spector
Estate of Huguette Clark
Orlan v Lady Gaga 
George Soros v Adriana Ferreyr

How we can help.



 Solving crimes especially when the police do not show an interest in opening an investigation.



Finding mistakes and holes in the prosecution's case and uncovering evidence and witnesses which will refute their claims.



 Intensive investigation to determine the way in which a wrongful act occurred.



Supporting your legal tem in the field.

Providing clients with investigative expertise to solve problems and crimes through strong detective work and critical analysis.

Nationally recognized as a leader in Title IX and Sexual Abuse Investigations.

Our attorney partners and longstanding clients often call our firm at the first hint of crisis.

Considered by many to be the go to detective agency to gather evidence and conduct interviews. 

Title IX Defense Investigations

Cornell University Fraternity President Charge With Rape.​

Major Catholic university student given run-around after making a sexual abuse complaint.​

Graduate student investigated for sexual misconduct while studying abroad.

Manhattan Prosecutor declines charging high school senior with Rape.

Professor accused of calling student, "Dumb Blonde."

District Attorney drops Rape charges against New Jersey college student.


Sexual Abuse Defense Investigations


Owner of NY's Famous Four Seasons Restaurant Charge for Sexual Assault.​

Kevin Clash, voice of Sesame Street's Elmo, Accused of having Sex with Underaged Men.  ​

Casale Associates Proves NBC Producer Posted Secret Sex Tape.​

Private Investigator tells D.A. "Covert Tapes Prove Rape Victim Set-Up Businessman for Payoff".​

Dominatrix Extorts Businessman Claiming Wild Night Of Sex.​

FBI Agents Charge Interstate Transportation of Minors In Sex-trafficking Ring.

Domestic Violence Defense Investigations


Comedian Jackie Mason Assaulted By Girlfriend.​

George Soros' ex girlfriend, Adriana Ferreyr, lost her temper at her former flame.​

Stephanie Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant divorce turned into a tabloid show.​

High-powered Manhattan Lawyer Cleared of Wife-beating Charges.

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