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Solving problems.


We solve problems and crimes through strong detective work and critical analysis.  Knowing what happened, how it happened and who was responsible for it happening will limit risk.



Founded in 2003 our involvement in many high-profile cases, as noted in articles that appeared in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, demonstrates our commitment to excellence, which has catapulted us on to the main stage of New York's litigation community. 

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Since our start we have long-standing relationships with premier law firms, attorneys, financial institutions, hedge funds, corporate officers and directors, and high-net worth individuals who are comfortable with us and confident that we will get the results they need.  

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Getting law enforcement to entertain a complaint is more difficult that you would think.

Law enforcement generally pauses believing the victim maybe using the weight of government to tip the scale in a civil lawsuit..


Crime victims struggle to persuade police to officially accept an allegation of criminality ---especially in trust & estate, partner fraud and family law issues.


The overwhelming facts can become clouded by a repetitive chant of "he said, she said". Evidence may not be seen clearly as motive and individual benefits become tangled.  


Alternative reasons not to start an investigation may include investigators being too busy to take on a case when the victim’s own welfare and interests come before those of the state. Others opine investigators are reluctant to “push” paperwork, which may indicate a “spike” in reported crimes leading headquarters to question what is going on.  


Insiders say City Hall puts pressure on the police to have detectives keep crime statistics low.

While it is difficult to say how often crime complaints are not officially recorded, it is safer to say the problem exist and their is little a victim can do.  

Complaining to the brass may get the investigators to accept a report but the interaction going forward in often uneasy and that's unfair.

Our talent, experience and analytic skills can help develop innovative strategies to assist you and your legal team in gathering intelligence, evidence, statements and, most importantly, identify sources and responsibility for allegations of wrongdoing made against you.


We will assist clients when appearing before police or federal law enforcement.

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Solving crimes especially when the police do not show an interest in opening an investigation.

We can develop and package a complaint that will be accepted and thoroughly investigated by law enforcement. 

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Paul Limoncelli's team provides professional and lawful surveillance --- discreetly gathering intelligence and evidence to support your legal team's goals.


Our specialist adapt to any environment using state-of-the-art electronic equipment and old fashion gum-shoe know how.


We provide fix and mobile surveillance --- following subjects on foot, in a vehicle, or on public transportation.  


Photographing all interactions is vital  for you to know what is going on --- we give you the continual reports from the field.. 


A challenge in your family life, especially if it involves in a matrimonial action, makes it important for you to know who is coming into the picture and interacting with those you love.

Your children may be placed in a new environment with strangers that you know nothing about.  A spouse's new significant other, relative, or friend can pose a threat to a child's wellbeing.

Knowing and watching what is going on is important for your child's sake and your own peace of mind.

Cornell University Fraternity President Charge With Rape.​

Major Catholic university student given run-around after making a sexual abuse complaint.​

Graduate student investigated for sexual misconduct while studying abroad.

Manhattan prosecutor declines charging high school senior with rape.

Professor accused of calling student, "Dumb Blonde."

District Attorney drops rape charges against New Jersey college student.

Elite Manhattan Catholic  School knew of abuse.

Casale Associates is nationally recognized as a leader in Title IX defense investigations.  Just view the cases we were involved in and the results we obtained for our clients.


Title IX is a federal civil rights law that was passed as part of the Education Amendments of 1972.

The law prohibits sex discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding . While Title IX is a very short statute, Supreme Court decisions and guidance from the U.S. Department of Education have given it a broad scope covering sexual harassment and sexual violence.


Under Title IX, schools are legally required to respond and remedy hostile educational environments and failure to do so is a violation that means a school could risk losing its federal funding.

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When law firms want to emphasize a point or demonstrate gravitas behind an action they often call on Casale Associates to serve a document, order or subpoena. 

We are often asked to track down people that process service companies have difficulty finding.  


Using our skills we find the person by employing investigative techniques like background checks, surveillance and good old gumshoe tenacity. 


Special service generally requires surveillance, a private investigator or attorney investigator to serve, a video technician to record and memorialize events and, on occasion, an interprets who translates if Englis isn't the targets first language .  After serving we immediately prepare a detailed affidavit of service.  


No matter what --- we serve.

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Extraordinary Service of William Browder.  (Posted by Baker Hostetler, LLP) The evassive international hedge fund guru Bill Browder was served a subpoena from defense lawyers seeking to depose him in a lawsuit filed by U.S. prosecutors alleging money laundering in Russia.. 


Bernard Madoff, one-time Nasdaq chairman, was charged with defrauding investors out of $65 billion.  Casale Associates' wrote the bail modification agreement for Mr. Madoff's lawyers, which was approved by the District Court and accepted by the US Attorney.  Mr. Madoff was granted bail and placed under the supervision of Casale Associates. 


Casale Associates was appointed by the Deputy Chief Judge of the City of New York, taking an oath of office. to investigate allegations of election fraud for the Special District Attorney for Richmond County..


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