Solving crimes especially when the police do not show an interest in opening an investigation.

We can develop and package a complaint that will be accepted and thoroughly investigated by law enforcement. 

Our talent, experience and analytic skills can help develop innovative strategies to assist you and your legal team in gathering intelligence, evidence, statements and, most importantly, identify sources and responsibility for allegations of wrongdoing made against you.

We will assist clients when appearing before police or federal law enforcement.

Getting law enforcement to entertain a complaint is more difficult that you would think.

Crime victims sometimes struggle to persuade police to officially accept an allegation of criminality.  Especially in trust & estate, partner fraud and family law issues. The overwhelming facts can become clouded by a repetitive chant of "he said, she said".  Evidence turns out to be confusing as motive and individual benefits become tangled.   Law enforcement generally pauses believing the victim maybe using the weight of government to tip the scale in a civil lawsuit.


Alternative reasons not to start an investigation may include investigators being too busy to take on a case when the victim’s own welfare and interests come before those of the state. Others opine investigators are reluctant to “push” paperwork, which may indicate a “spike” in reported crimes leading headquarters to question what is going on.  


Insiders say City Hall puts pressure on the police to have detectives keep crime statistics low.

While it is difficult to say how often crime complaints are not officially recorded, it is safer to say the problem exist and their is little a victim can do.  

Complaining to the brass may get the investigators to accept a report but the interaction going forward in often uneasy and that's unfair.

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