For the past six years Nick is an ABC and WABC News  "on-air contributor" for crime investigations and security issues.

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New policies have schools conducting planned lockdown drills. 

Mass school shootings have also created a business boom for those who train schools how to protect their students.

The object is to manage confusion during a shooting.  The plan is to give people training  to increase their odds of surviving.

Counterterrorism expert and former NYPD Detective Nick Casale of Casale Associates, uses a "no-notice mobilization" drill when he works with New York-area schools.

A Casale employee comes to the school with a red envelope. "I have a gun,"  "What are you gonna do?" There's also a blaring, disorienting alarm that prompts teachers to hustle all children into classrooms. He instructs school districts to invest in heavy, solid, lockable doors that can withstand an attack.

"The drill checks your vulnerabilities," Casale said. "It may sound dramatic, but you've got to be able to train and know what to do, just like when the fire alarm sounds."

The attorney for estranged wife of ex-Sen. Alfonse D'Amato retained Casale Associates as an expert in police procedure after removing Ms. D'Amato from the couple's former home claiming she was a substantial risk to harm others.  Mr. Casale wrote, home video showed "police officers were not fearful or concerned about their safety" and consulted the former-Senator before taking action. 

Nick Casale is a regular on Law & Crime Network

He's got that New York style. Nick Casale consulted on and appear in HBO's new film “Wizard of Lies” with Robert DiNiro as Bernard Madoff. From police and security procedures to truthful commentary in the media Nick Casale gives expert technical advises that is easily understood by everyone.

Nick Casale appears as a guest columnist for the New York Daily News.

A roundtable discussion by experts of tactics
used by criminal practitioners in civil litigation. Moderator: JACK FORD


Civil Rights lawyer Norman Siegel asked Nick Casale to submit, as an expert, an affidavit opposing the NYPD denial to allow folk singer Joan Baez to performs for the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators holding a Veterans Day concert in in New York City. The Federal court accepted Mr. Casale's position and the concert took place. The concert was called "Honor the Dead, Fight Like Hell for the Living" and was the movement's first permitted event since they began demonstrating.  Mr. Casale said it wasn't about demonstrating, "it's about the NYPD pushing their weight about like an 800 pound gorilla when they are wrong."

Nick Casale co-hosted "Gentleman Killer." In 1941 in Bronx, NY, an unassuming man talks his way into the homes of women claiming to know their husbands by giving very detailed stories which convince them it is safe to let him in their homes when they are alone. The police soon uncover a string of attacks in the surrounding jurisdictions totaling close to 90 similar attacks. The killer and rapist's true name, George Cvek.  Cvek was arrested in February 1941, found  guilty in May 1941 and executed  at Sing Sing Prison in February 1942.

Casale Associates was appointed by the Deputy Chief Judge of the City of New York to investigate allegations of election fraud in Richmond County.

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