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Tort Investigations

Complex tort claims often require intensive investigation to determine the way in which a wrongful act occurred, either from a product, accident, professional malpractice, egregious or criminal conduct, or other contributing factors, causing harm, injury, or death.  


Not all civil wrongs are crimes, but ever crime has a civil component, which opens to the door for litigation.


Tort investigations are particularly important:  they are needed to uncover negligent, fraudulent, or deceptive conduct, as well as, expose one party’s attempt to conceal, withhold or negate the wrong, cruelty or ill-treatment of others.  


Casale Associates’ investigations are coordinated with your legal team.  Working closely with your lawyers we will get the evidence or statements needed. 


We remain focused on the accident or crime scene gathering evidence so that your attorneys can present the most compelling case to the court.


Casale Associates’ will liaison with law enforcement and private security directors to gather evidence that may have been overlooked and needed.