U.S. v Bernard Madoff

The United States District Court, Southern District of New York, approved Casale Associates to be Bernard Madoff's Bail Monitor.​  Mr. Madoff was released under the terms and conditions of the bail modification agreement security plan written by Mr. Casale and approved by the U.S. Attorney's office.

California v Phil Spector

Legendary defense attorney Bruce Cutler brought Nick. Casale in during the first murder trial of Rock-N-Roll super-producer Phil Spector saying, “Nick is a first class former first grade detective.” The judge declared a mistrial because of a hung jury .  Spector was represented by a new defense team, the case was retried,, and found guilty.   Spector was sentenced to life in prison.

Estate of Huguette Clark

Attorneys for Farrell Fritz brought Casale Associates in  to conduct interviews regarding the $800 million Estate of Huguette Clark, a recluse heiress who died at Beth Israel Medical Center two weeks short of her 105th birthday.  Ms. Clark's estate was finally settled with the sale of her numerous homes and priceless art collection.

In Re: Robert De Niro

Lawyers for the Academy Award winner, Robert De Niro, retained Nck Casale to determine the origin of the fire at his posh Manhattan apartment.​

Orlan (Mireille Porte) v. Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta)​

Performance Artist ORLAN moved her French lawsuit against Lady Gaga to New York bringing in Nick Casale, a private investigator to find evidence according to an article in the New York Post. ORLAN sued Lady Gaga for plagiarism over her Born This Way video in Paris. 

U.S. Court of Appeals

re: Kevin Clash 

The U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a NY judge's ruling dismissing a case against Kevin Clash, a puppeteer, director and producer of Sesame Street. Clash who performed and voiced Elmo was investigated for having sex with under-aged boys..  Casale Associates conduct the defense interviews.  The cases were dismissed because the claim was made more than six years after the minor turned 21. 

New York v. Ballinger

President of Cornell’s Psi Upsilon fraternity was accused in headline across the country of locking a woman in his fraternity bedroom and forcing her to have sex. Defense lawyers retained Casale Associates to conduct the criminal defense investigation and consult on the Title IX hearing

D'Amato v. D'Amato

The attorney for estranged wife of ex-Sen. Alfonse D'Amato retained Casale Associates as an expert in police procedure after police removed Ms. D'Amato from the couple's former home claiming she was a substantial risk to harm others.  

New York v. Niccolini

The fabled co-owner of he Four Seasons restaurant was charged with abusing a woman during a party at the celebrated Manhattan restaurant. Attorneys brought Casale Associates in to interview the star-studded list of VIP guest attending the gala.

New York v. Dellaverson

Attorneys representing the victim retained Casale Associates to gather the evidence against NBC producer Carlo Dellaverson, who posted secret sex tapes of women on XTube, a Netherlands-based porn site.  Casale's investigation and presentation to police and prosecutors quickly lead to Dellaverson's arrest. Dellaverson pled guilty to a felony charge of unlawful surveillance.  The lawyers representing the victim immediately filed a civil lawsuit. Dellaverson’s father, Gary Dellaverson, is a former chief labor negotiator and chief financial officer for the MTA was a partner at Proskauer Rose LLP

New York v Jordan

In re: Joan Baez

Lawyers representing recording artist Joan Baez asked Nicholas Casale to submit an affidavit  to counter the NYPD's argument that her concert, in support of Occupy Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, would endanger public safety. U.S. District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein accepted Mr. Casale's expert opinion on police crowd control. The concert was held without incident. 

New York v Jordan

In re: William Browder 

Nicholas Casale submitted an affidavit to U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa who ruled Casale Associates lawfully served William Browder a subpoena. Browder  is the CEO and co-founder of Hermitage Capital Management which was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia. 

New York v Jordan

In re: Estate of Eridania Rodriguez

The family of a slain Manhattan cleaning woman conducted their own investigation into her brutal death — hiring Casale Associates  to carry out the probe. Anthony Pope, the lawyer hired by the family, said Nicholas Casale will conduct the investigation,  adding  “We will look at all aspects involving security – security personnel, the situation surrounding the security cameras. It is more than reasonable to ask how this could occur.”

New York v Jordan

Ray v Warren Twn. Police

Lawrence Ray, the former spy and star witness against former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who was convicted of accepting kickbacks, brought a lawsuit against the Warren Township Police department for breaking into the his home.  The police claimed their actions were justified under the “public safety exception.” U.S. District Judge Joel Pisano granted Ray’s lawyer permission to have Mr. Casale attend the deposition as an expert in police procedure. Ray was later charged with being a Svengali-like figure who moved into his daughter's dormitory at Sarah Lawrence College and recruited students to join a massive sex trafficking ring. 

New York v Jordan

In re: School of Rock

Casale Associates investigated the grossly untrue statements made by a conspiracy theorist  and self-glorifying pretender who went by the moniker ‘Crisis Actor’ --- alleging the deceased children of the Sandy Hook massacre are alive and being held in captivity. at the School of Rock.

New York v Jordan

In re: Adriana Ferreyr

A judge tossed out former Brazilian soap opera star Adriana Ferreyr's lawsuit against her ex, billionaire hedge fund lover George Soros, claiming that she was assaulted during a romantic reunion. Casale Associates conducted the interview of Ferreyr.

New York v Jordan

Mugrabi v Mugrabi

Lawyers representing the wife of art billionaire David Mugrabi brought in Casale Associates after his wife accused him of ‘charging’ his estranged spouse and knocking her to the floor over ownership of a $500,000 Keith Haring sculptor.

New York v Jordan

NJ v Spyropoulos

Criminal defense attorney Anthony Pope brought Casale Associates into the Tick Tock Diner Murder Plot.

New York v Jordan

NY v Jordon 

Lawyers recommended Nick Casale to consult with millionaire heiress Gigi Jordan. Jordan after she was charged with poisoning her 8 year old son in a posh Manhattan hotel room fearing the boy would end up in the custody of his father, a man she believed had sadistically abused him.

New York v Jordan

In re: Kaci Hickox

Steven Hyman, the attorney representing Doctors Without Boarders nurse Kaci Hickox, consulted Casale Associates on potential security issues prior to the Court lifting restriction, which would have quarantined the Maine resident.

New York v Jordan

US v Healy

Mr. Healy is charged with operating a large-scale narcotics enterprise, several murders, firearms offenses and conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs, The government is seeking the death penalty. District Judge John Michael Vazquez approved Casale Associates to provide investigative services for the defense.

New York v Jordan

UD v Davis

Defense lawyers representing Corey Davis charged with federal civil rights crimes for organizing and leading a sex-trafficking operation that exploited as many as 20 women, including minors, brought in Casale Associates to do the investigation in NY, NJ and CT. Mr. Casale said, "The FBI must understand that an allegation and indictment isn't a conviction and defendants have rights; and the government doesn't own witnesses nor can the government go about bullying people."

New York v Jordan

US v Bruno

Casale Associates was retained by defense lawyers representing a Gambino mobster Gennaro "Jerry" Bruno,.  Mr. Bruno was charged with racketeering and murder.  U. S. District Judge William F. Kuntz approved Mr. Casale’s credentials to review secret government documents in the case.

New York v Jordan

Maryland v Walk

N.J. Detective Acquitted In Maryland Road Rage Fatal Shooting.  Casale Associates was consulted as a defense expert in police procedure.

New York v Jordan

In re: Estate of Tony Randall

Casale Associates was retained by lawyers representing the estate of the actor best known for his role as Felix Unger in the popular television series 'The Odd Couple.'

New York v Jordan

In re: Estate of Hiroaki Aoki 

Casale Associates was retained by lawyers representing the estate of the founder of  Benihana.  'Rocky' had seven children, four of his children attempted to take control of his companies prior to and after his death.

New York v Jordan

Drobavicius v Dreyfus

Casale Associates was retained by lawyers representing Dreyfus’ girlfriend of 42 years, Laima Drobavicius.  ,Jack Dreyfus was the founder of the Dreyfus Funds and at the time of hisworth an estimated $100 million.

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