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Helping attorneys and law firms. 

Critical Incident Response in anticipation of litigation.

Extraordinary Service of Legal Documents & Orders


Expert Reports & Witness

Bail Monitor, Bail Enforcement & Special Security

We immediately respond to the event assisting attorneys and clients in navigating an unfamiliar world few understand.


We provide liaison with law enforcement and interact with key decision makers getting you results.. 


Our past accomplishments, integrity and professionalism have earned us respect within the law enforcement community.  


We achieve remarkable success by listening then raising powerful arguments.  


Surveillance Casale Associates provides professional and lawful surveillance --- discreetly gathering intelligence and evidence to support your legal team's goals.


Our specialist adapt to any environment using state-of-the-art electronic equipment and old fashion gum-shoe know how.


We provide fix and mobile surveillance --- following subjects on foot, in a vehicle, or on public transportation.  


Photographing or interacting with a subject is vital  for you to know what is going on --- we give you the advantage. 

Always without arousing suspicion, we blend in, and gain the trust of the target.

A challenge in your family life will require an independent, objective and timely response.


Especially, if involved in a matrimonial action, it is important for you to know who is coming into the picture and interacting with those you love.

Your children may be placed in a new environment with strangers that you know nothing about.  A spouse's new significant other, relative, or friend can pose a threat to a child's wellbeing.

Knowing and watching what is going on is important for your child's sake and your own peace of mind.

Critical Incident Response When a crisis happens you can count on Casale Associates for immediate response.  Not in managing the event but reporting unfiltered, accurate and timely information to you and / or your legal team.


Casale Associates response model is to gather information, collect evidence, take statements and liaison with authorities in anticipation of litigation.

If you anticipate litigation get the facts straight as soon as possible: because when the matter goes to court the facts always change away from the defendant' side and towards the plaintiff.​

Casale Associates also provides you with a detailed and independent 'after action report' summarizing the incident and your staff's involvement.

Extraordinary Service of William Browder.  Posted by Baker Hostetler, LLP

International hedge fund manager Bill Browder was served a subpoena from defense lawyers seeking to depose him in a lawsuit filed by U.S. prosecutors alleging money laundering in Russian. 

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