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Criminal Investigations

Casale Associates' specializes in solving crimes and getting law enforcement involved by presenting a completed investigation. Law enforcement agencies typically won't cooperate with outsiders unless they know you "speak their language" having been one of them. We will package a complaint that will be accepted and thoroughly investigated by law enforcement. When they receive a professionally investigated case that is “bow tied” and all they have to do is independently verify the facts and put the “handcuffs” on the perpetrator everything flows seamlessly. 


Our talent, experience and analytic skills are an asset to you. We gather evidence, statements and, most importantly, identify sources and motive for allegations of wrongdoing. We also assist clients and their legal team when appearing before police or federal law enforcement.

Let’s say it at the top getting the police to consider a criminal complaint when the victim is involved in a parallel civil action is often tricky business. The police have broad powers whether or not to investigate an alleged crime.  On one hand the police are obligated to protect the rights and interests of crime victims. On the other hand the police often views their involvement with a victim in a corresponding civil action as unfairly providing advantage to one side over the other. While it is difficult to say how often complaints are not officially recorded or victims dissuaded from filing a complaint, it is safer to say the problem exist and there is little a victim can do. 


A growing trend has law firms retaining detective agencies to independently gather evidence and record statements to establish reasonable cause to have the police investigate an allegation of criminality.  This line of reasoning is supported in law.  Detective agencies are empowered by statue to conduct investigations for the purpose of obtaining information with reference to any crime or wrongs done or threatened and securing evidence to be used before any authorized investigating committee, board of award, board of arbitration, or in the trial before a civil or criminal court.  


There is nothing unreasonable in lobbying police to get the weight of government to do the bidding and tip the scale in the victims’ favor. Using detective agencies shouldn’t matter if the facts alleged prove truthful and the motive is believable even though the victim’s own welfare and interest may appear to come before those of the state.  


One situation should be treated the same way that another situation is treated and the court agrees.  The government develops simultaneous criminal and civil actions against defendants.   The defendant can ask the court to stay the civil case while the criminal case proceeds to avoid choosing between perjury and damaging inference.  


The involvement of independent detectives never undermines the integrity, professionalism and dedication of the police. The bottom line is criminals must be prosecuted if for no other reason than to stop them from going on to commit more crimes and this makes the most sense.


Neutrality never favors the victim of a crime .


Paul Limoncelli's team provides professional and lawful surveillance --- discreetly gathering intelligence and evidence to support your law firm's goals.


Our specialist adapt to any environment using state-of-the-art electronic equipment and old fashion gum-shoe know how.


We provide fix and mobile surveillance --- following subjects on foot, in a vehicle, or on public transportation.  


Photographing all interactions is vital  for you to know what is going on --- we give you the continual reports from the field.. 

A challenge in your family life, especially if it involves in a matrimonial action, makes it important for you to know who is coming into the picture and interacting with those you love.

Your children may be placed in a new environment with strangers that you know nothing about.  A spouse's new significant other, relative, or friend can pose a threat to a child's wellbeing.

Knowing and watching what is going on is important for your child's sake and your own peace of mind.

Document Service

When law firms want to emphasize a point or demonstrate gravitas behind an action they often call on Casale Associates to serve a document, order or subpoena. 

We are often asked to track down people that process service companies have difficulty finding.  


Using our skills we find the person by employing investigative techniques like background checks, surveillance and good old gumshoe tenacity. 


Special service generally requires surveillance, a private investigator or attorney investigator to serve, a video technician to record and memorialize events and, on occasion, an interprets who translates if Englis isn't the targets first language .  After serving we immediately prepare a detailed affidavit of service.  


No matter what --- we serve.


Extraordinary Service of William Browder.  (Posted by Baker Hostetler, LLP) The evassive international hedge fund guru Bill Browder was served a subpoena from defense lawyers seeking to depose him in a lawsuit filed by U.S. prosecutors alleging money laundering in Russia.. 

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